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 Herbs help your body to stay alkaline and healthy.

Prescription medications tend to make your body acid and making it susceptible to all kinds of new problems. 

Mukta Vati being natural herbal and alkaline helps to heal and normalize your body as it works to remove toxins that cause high blood pressure.

Mukta Vati  contains various herbs that make MuktaVati a powerful herbal remedy for high blood pressure:
  • Mukta Vati  gives fast results within three to four days of using it.
  •  It is safe and natural with no side effects. 
  • MuktaVati is a unique herbal remedy for hypertension containing ayurvedic time-tested herbs
  •  Having rare and precious herbs,
  • It is a natural hypertension treatment!

Dosage : 

2 tablets twice a day, best taken one hour before breakfast and dinner, or if you forget then take 2 in the morning and 2 in the  evening.


* Brahmi (Centella Asiatica) : Brahmi has been traditionally used for nervous disorders, epilepsy, senility, premature aging, hair loss, obstinate skin conditions and venereal diseases. It is considered the primary Ayurvedic nerve and cardiac tonic. It pacifies high vata or pitta. Brahmi relieves mental fatigue, brings undisturbed sleep and treats convulsions. Scientific research suggests that Brahmi (Centella asiatica) improves memory, mental functions and reduces learning time.
* Ashwagandha
(Withania Somnifera
) :
Ashwagandha is highly valued for its restorative action on the functioning of nervous system and counteracting high blood pressure. It corrects loss of memory arising out of long term stress, illness and overwork. Restores vitality in those suffering from overwork and nervous exhaustion. In fact having the ability to nurture the nervous system, counteract anxiety and stress to promote a calm state of mind,  the same Ashvagandha having powerful anti-inflammatory properties, is specific for treating arthritic and rheumatic conditions.

* Red Clover Powder
 (Trifolium Pratense) :
An effective astringent, nervine tonic, antacid, diuretic and cardio-tonic. Very helpful in cough, pthisis, asthma, low grade fever, urinary disease, spermatorrhea, gleet, gonorrhea, etc.

Ivy's Mukta Vati

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Mukta Vati lower blood

According to Ayurveda, which terms this disorder as `Rakta Vata', it is due to disturbance in one of the three doshas, vata.  Instability in vata leads to problems such as metabolic and circulatory diseases, depression and emotional problems, and illnesses related to the stresses and strains and tension in the mind. One of these illnesses is hypertension. If you experience any of the following symptoms of blood pressure, we highly recommend using MuktaVati. Its a safe herbal remedy without any side effects. Symptoms of High Blood Pressure are : Irregular or erratic pulse behavior, Worry, Stress & Anxiety, Obesity, Tiredness and Edema, High cholesterol, Flushed face, Violent headaches, sensitivity to light.  You may have slow circulation or engorged blood vessels.  High blood pressure can casue strokes cutting off of oxygen to the brain.  MuktaVati can be taken along with any medicine being taken by the patient, does not cross-react & does not induce any side effects.

Ingredients continued:
(Evolvulus Alsinoides L.)
Popularly known to treat sleep disorders - stress and anxiety, Shankapushpi is quoted in Charaka to be the single greatest herb for enhancing all three aspects of mind power -- learning (Dhi), memory (Driti), and recall (Smriti). Thus it is called the greatest Medhya Rasayana (that which enhances the mind). It helps the quality of sleep by improving mind-body coordination.  Shankapushpi is very beneficial for the nervous system, enhancing the quality of bone marrow and nerve tissue (Majja Dhatu).

    * PushkarMool (Inula Racemosus) : Pushkarmool root have been traditionally used in India to support a healthy cardiovascular system. Research suggests that this herb may support healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Being a herb for high blood pressure, It helps cardiac patients take control of their health.
 * Jyotishmati (Celastrus Paniculatus) : It is an well-endowed, woody climbing twiner, and grows almost all over India, especially in the hilly areas. Seeds are also used to increase memory and are used in loss of appetite, fever and rheumatism. Ayurvedic practitioners have used Jyotishmati widely in psychosomatic disorders. It activates functioning of brain and also strengthens the person to endure the stress, may be emotional or physical. It has been reported to show a depressing effect on the central nervous system and a significant reduction in anxiety.
   * Guduchi (Tinospora Cordifolia): Guduchi is a considered a bitter tonic and powerful immuno-modulator. It is regarded as a blood purifier and liver protector. It is considered helpful in eye disorders and promotes mental clarity. It balances high pitta conditions. 
* Pearl Powder (Mytilus margaritiferus) - Pearl is a very special herb for hypertension treatment. Powdered Pearl is used as a Shen tonic to stabilize the emotions, allay fright, ease frustration and anger, brighten the eyes and help regenerate tissue. The best pearls, for herbal purposes, are wild sea water pearls that come from cold northern waters. The smaller the pearls, the more powerful their effect. Hydrolyzed Pearl, which is almost totally water soluble, is also now available. This hydrolyzed pearl is highly assimilable and extremely effective.

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